My first I am from, I didn’t really know what I was going to do, but I just used 3 pictures. 1 picture as a background and over laid  the other two within the loops of the earphones. It was kind of difficult to place the poem onto the pictures without covering up the image and make it look flowing. So, what I did was separate each stanza into its own text box and placed it around the pictures. Then I just masked the pictures and used the lasso tool to copy a piece of the wire to make it look like its inside the loop.

My second I am from, It was difficult to come up with an idea for this one but then I read over my poem, and an idea came to me to put in pictures and fade it in, and make it look kind of see through for the part of the poem that says “I am from albums filled with pictures that slowly became a memory.” to show me thinking about it and fading. All I did was mask in pictures and changed some of the opacities and fill to make it seem translucent. With the poem, you couldn’t really see the text, so I added effects to it, so the black fade could make it easier to read.