Well, while you/he was off camping, we had to create 4 portraits using only words (typography) to express what we’re trying to say without using much graphics. SO…  I had a great idea for my spy portrait but it became too showy with the whole James Bond picture I had surround my phrase with, which looked cool but wasn’t really what the assignment was asking for, but that’s okay! I had to start a bit fresh but I still wanted to use my James Bond picture, so I decided to use my name to be the “hole” James Bond would be looking through. I thought this is one I the best I made!

My next portrait was a bit difficult to come up with but I came up with using the “That’s So Raven” title card as a template because everyone knows that Raven was a psychic and it was pretty fun to recreate one for my name! My goal for this one was to make it look like the letters were also beaming in a way, to show that I am psychic! 🙂

This one I’m kind of iffy about because it might be too showy, also. For this portrait I thought of using a reminder app kind of theme to it, and that I completed nothing because I’m so forgetful, but getting that app didn’t help remind me about anything that well.

I’m so accident prone, getting a rock thrown at my name and getting dizzying and falling down. I also added the construction background, because that’s where people get into accidents. It wasn’t that hard to create, I just needed to find the perfect font to go with it.