It’s crazy what we could do with Photoshop! We restord the old image, and cloned the stairwell without the wood on it!

With the Old Image, we just used the healing brush to clone the background and it helped blend it in with the rest of the picture and make it look more modern. Then we fixed his clothes and hair with the cloning tool. For his tie we used the patch tool which helped because if we used the stamp tool it wouldn’t look right and with the patch tool it copied a piece of the tie to make it look like we didn’t just clone the tie. Then we fixed up his hair with the same tool. Repairing his fore hard was one of the challenging parts of this picture because we had to clone the right piece of his forehead to make it blend in with everything.

And for the Stairwell, we used the stamp tool once again and took every piece of the stairs to cover up the piece of wood that was up there. Then we fixed the bottom right corner and covered up the ladder and junk near the door with a mix of the healing tool and stamp tool.